2018, we’re ready for you! and so are the handbooks…

2018, we’re ready for you! and so are the handbooks…

With entries for the 2018 RACV Energy Breakthrough opening in less than 24 hours, and that you’ve settled down from your long weekend antics, we thought it was about time to release the EB bible for 2018.

More commonly known as the School’s Handbook, the 2018 RACV Energy Breakthrough’s School’s Handbooks is packed full of all the information, specifications and details you’ll need to know throughout the year.

Unlike 2017, 2018 see’s very minimal changes to the specifications and trial rules and regulations, which is both great for you and for us! You will notice some slight adjustments to both specifications and rules and regulations, which can be found underlined, and written in blue text.

Right, that’s all we’ve got. Download Part A and your relevant Part B now!

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Lachy probably never knew what he was in for when he first volunteered to help out on the Holden Stage at the 2009 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Whilst he participated in the Innovations in Technology category back in 2005, he has been on the 'other side of the fence' ever since and now manages the event's website, wifi network and Holden Stage. Away from the Energy Breakthrough, Lachy is heavily involved in the local Maryborough community across events, community radio and theatre and he was nominated for the for the Saward Dawson Community Service and Volunteering award in 2013.

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