About Nigel Preston

Nigel Preston is a self-confessed 'HPV Tragic'. After 'catching the bug' from his older brother, he helped launch the RACV Energy Breakthrough program at Eaglehawk SC with his dad and some mates way back in 1998. Having participated in the RACV EB for four years he finished his VCE in 2001 and volunteering to help with the event management straight away. He's been helping out ever since. Nigel has also been a part of teams that have taken line honours at the RACV EB in 2000 & 2001 (Bendigo Senior SC); the Australian International Pedal Prix 2003, 2004 & 2009 (Bendigo Youth Racing).

Entry Week 2018 – Day 3 of 3 – EEV, Try-athlon, Pushcarts & ‘Innovations’

We have 'liftoff' for the third and final day of Entry Week 2018. Today, entries open at 8am for teams interested in entering an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV), Try-athlon, Pushcarts or ‘Innovations In Technology’ this year's RACV Energy Breakthrough!

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RACV EB’s Martin Mark and Laurie Preston carry Queen’s Baton Relay in Bendigo

Team RACVEB was well represented at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay with Laurie Preston (Display and Presentation) and Martin Mark (Local Planning and Logistics) passing the baton to one another over in Bendigo. Congrats guys! 

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Welcome to 2018: RACV EB entries will open in March

Welcome to 2018! We hope you've survived the Summer (boy that was a hot one) and you're probably all returning back to school bursting with energy for the new year. Here's what we know so far about in RACV EB 2018 ...

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2018 Event Dates Confirmed

22 - 25 November 2018 are the confirmed dates for the 28th RACV Energy Breakthrough to be held in Maryborough, Victoria.  We'd like to take a moment to thank our three partner organisations: the RACV, the Central Goldfields Shire Council and the Country Education Partnership for their continued support that enables this unique and powerful event to carry on into year 28! While we've got your attention, please put your hands together for our sponsors, the Department of Education and Training, VicRoads, Cyient, La Trobe University, True Foods and Central Highlands Water. They have been awesome and it's cliche but it's true: We really couldn't do this without them. Entries will open in March 2018.

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White Hills PS wows with one-two finish in the HPV Primary Trial

From Trial positions 4th and 26th in 2016 to 1st and 2nd in 2017, White Hills Primary School's leap up the order has been remarkable. They are the first school to go 1-2 in a Trial since South Australian powerhouse Aberfoyle Hub PS way back in 2001. We caught up with Team Manager, Roger Byron, to hear how his students pulled it off during a highly competitive Trial and also ask him about missing out on 'Overall' Class honours.

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Girton Grammar School’s solar-powered ‘Xception’ – the first ever pedal-free 24 hour Trial winner

Girton Grammar School's 'Xception' is the first team t [...]

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2017 HPV Secondary, EEV & TRYathlon Practice Session Results

After a busy day for the HPV Secondary, TRYathlon and EEV teams, they finally got the chance to hit the track and stretch their legs for their Friday night practice sessions. Looking for results? Go no further, we've got 'em here.

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NEW Individual rider lap timing on offer for HPV Secondary & EEV Teams

Yes, you heard right. Individual riders will be able to have their lap times automatically attributed to them during the HPV Secondary & EEV Practice and 24 Hour Trial. We've partnered with our friends and race timing experts, Multisport Australia to deliver this new opportunity to dig into your team's data.

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